Colorado Springs Central SDA Church

Love All, Serve All

Church Staff & Leaders






Dave Ketelsen

Head Pastor

Dave Ketelsen is an avid runner and has completed 64 marathons and has qualified for Boston 64 times. Besides running he loves to focus on Jesus and looks for opportunities to share what a wonderful Friend and Savior He truly is.  He once fell off a 45 foot waterfall and survived, he came face to face within two feet from a bear at Yosemite, and scaled a 6 ft high fence narrowly escaping a charging bull. A funny quirk about Dave is that he has been doing 100 push-ups every day for the past 30+ years. He is married to his beautiful wife Debbie and has four amazing children, Austin, Myles, Jayla and Collin.  And don't forget Gizmo their awesome Golden/lab.  His main goal in life is getting sinners into heaven and saints out of bed, to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.



George Marpaung

Associate Pastor

Stay tuned! Pastor Marpaung's Biography is coming soon.

Alan Brass

Head Elder

Bethan Clarke

Head Deaconess


Miguel Lagos

Youth Ministry Leader and Pathfinder Director

Ruth Lagos

Pathfinder Deputy Director & Adventurer Director